Interruption at the DC of our server provider UPDATED

  • 22re August 2023
Hi, We are currently experiencing an outage on our servers located in Germany. This is due to an currently ongoing issue at the datacenter of our provider. We will keep you informed of any progress on the matter. The problem causing service disruption Nuremberg Data Center has been resolved and all services are now back online. There will be ...
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SRV008 currently unavailable due to an Abuse complaint

  • 6de Januar 2023
Hi, Due to an abuse complaint from our provider has access to the server been disabled, we are in contact with the abuse team on the other side and working towards a solution. Once things are back up and running we will update this announcement. EDIT 06/01/2023 21:05 The server is available again, the abuse has been dealt with and we are ...
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SRV008 offline

  • 2re April 2022
Hi, Due to issues at our provider srv008.web.ichtushosting.com has been offline since 23:00 01.04.2022. We are currently working with our provider to get things back up and running as soon as possible. As this is one of our longest downtimes ever, we are looking for ways to mitigate this in the future.   Rein van 't VeerIchtus Hosting CEO
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mail environment upgrade

  • 18de Oktober 2019
Today we are happy to announce we have set up a full redundant mail environment. This has been on our wishlist for a very long time but we were never able to do this without major downtime for our customers.With a recent upgrade of our servers and some serious testing the last few weeks we successfully implemented the required features ...
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